Big Hero 6 Alternative movie poster made by Felix Tindall

Felix Tindall

Felix Tindall Is a self taught Graphic Designer & Poster artist from Christchurch, New Zealand. He first discovered his passion for Design & Illustration late into High School and has been at it ever since. Felix is a huge geek when it comes to film, TV and video games, which is where his inspiration comes from. Felix' interest in creating/sharing his art all started when he uploaded some fan-art onto Deviant Art, and after a short period of time people took interest in his work and gathered a decent following. He then started getting a lot of work shared by big tumblr blogs such as Pixalry, Cyberwolf and XombieDIRGE. Some of his Well received video game artwork has also been featured by big names in the video game industry such as Rockstar Games, 2k, Ubisoft, EA and Sony. After high demand, Felix opened a society6 store where fans can buy art prints of their favourite films and games. Since then, Felix has now got a diploma & working towards his degree in Graphic Design and is doing freelance work part time for clients and has worked on officially licensed designs for the clothing company J!nx. He has now got a wide selection of stores to purchase art from.