WBYK (We Buy Your Kids) Webuyyourkids is Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney, from Sydney, Australia. We are exhibiting artists as well as commercial illustrators, operating as a small design studio. We combine hand-made and digital techniques to create our work. We consider this to be a conversation between two individuals, played out in colour, shape, texture and drawing from our shared influences of comic books, skateboarding, music and film. Our exhibited work is often based on witchcraft, mishaps, misdemeanours, black cats and voodoo. As individuals our commercial illustration experience goes back over fifteen years, but we began working together in 2006 creating screen-printed posters for local Popfrenzy tours. We have worked as a team ever since. Today much of our work is still for the music industry, as well as commercial clients, big and small, across the globe.